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Our Males​


Post Rock's Steady "Trigger"

Trigger is a stylish young male.  He weighs in around 58 Lbs.  Phenomenal nose, solid point and great natural retrieve.  He is a complete package.  We are expecting big things out of this dog and planning on him being a key piece of our breeding program moving forward.  His pedigree includes FC Tonelli's Rising Sun and NFC FC Rawhides Clown among many other great dogs.


Post Rock's Rowdy "Ripley"

"Ripley" Is the perfect dog for the foot hunter.  Powerful dog that hunts close to medium range.  Full of natural ability and personality.  Good nose, stylish point and back, and a strong retriever.


Post Rock's Shot Of "Jax"

Sired by 2X NFC/GFC/FC BDK's Chloe's Jax Of All Trades "Trey". "Jax is a full sibling to "Bridget" and "Skeeter"

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