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Our Females


Post Rock's Whiskey After Midnight "Bridget"

Bridget has an elite nose and a rock solid point. Sired by 2X NFC/GFC/FC BDK's Chloe's Jax Of All Trades "Trey" she is 47 Lbs.  She is a very biddable dog that takes quickly to training.  Bridget excels in open areas where she can range big making her an excellent Prairie Chicken, Chukar and Quail dog.  A litter of puppies is expected in March of 2019.

Post Rock's Ringneck Nightmare "Skeeter"

Skeeter is a full sibling to "Bridget" and "Jax".  Sired by 2X NFC/GFC/FC BDK's Chloe's Jax Of All Trades "Trey" she is 50 Lbs.  She is a bird finding machine.  Extremely athletic with a strong natural retrieve she is a very well rounded dog.  Her personality does as well in the house as it does in the kennel.

Dakota vs. Melanistic.jpg

LaCombe's "Dakota"

"Dakota" is a close ranging dog that is perfect for the foot hunter.  Dakota's strongest trait is her retrieve.  Dakota will have over 7,500 retrieves by the time she sees her 4th Birthday.  She is a very athletic dog that does as well in the water as she does on land.  Her unique markings on her rear leg make her stand out from the rest of the dogs.


Remi was our pick of the litter from the Bridget X Ruger litter.  She is a very promising young dog that got off to a great start last winter.  We are hoping for big things for her in the 2020-2021 hunting season.


Riot is the newest addition to the Kennel.  She will enter training in the Fall of 2020 and hopefully be added to our guide string in 2021.

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